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    Wendy, Paige, Sawyer & Berdette (mardi, 13 novembre 2012 05:48)

    Chateau Tennessus was one of the highlights of our 5 weeks in Europe this summer. The children felt like they were students at Hogwarts castle ... it evoked a sense of magic and history that transported us to another world. We adored the little piglets and rowing in the moat! Thank you so much for your hospitality and for sharing this amazing castle!

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    Rendle, London, UK (vendredi, 30 mars 2012 11:30)

    We’ve had such a great time. A beautiful castle the attention to detail was fantastic. We felt just like medieval knights and princesses in our lovely rooms . . . A wonderful stay.

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    Hering (mardi, 27 mars 2012 15:11)

    . . . loveliest of all, Chateau de Tennessus, which we have proudly called home this week, and every day new discoveries: a new bunch of dried roses, a bowl of freshly-picked cherries, the honk of the bread van’s arrival . . . how we have loved this all, this glimpse of another lifestyle, another age, all presented with such graciousness and beauty. Thank you for such an experience.
    Hering, Boulder, Colorado, USA