Medieval B&B

Prices per room King's chamber Lord's Chamber Knight's Chamber  Lady's Chamber Watch Tower 
All the year 2015/2016 165 Euros 150 Euros

 140 euros

  125 Euros  120 Euros
 Supp Person   25 Euros per child (+6 years only) 25 Euros per child (+6 years only)    /   25 Euros per child (+6 years only)  

Picnic in the Castle

Prices per picnic per person Picnic
All the year 2012 30 Euros

English tea or breakfast

English Tea   English Breakfast
20 Euros per person Supp 15 Euros per person
Massage Ayurvedique 90€ per couple

Mini breaks in Tennessus Castle

Romantic Castle Breaks Best off British... and french   Family fun weekend Break 
In Lord's chamber In King's Chamber In Lord's chamber In King's Chamber   For 2 days 
 265 Euros 265 Euros   285 Euros  285 Euros  390-470 Euros