Medieval B&B

Prices per room King's chamber Lord's Chamber Knight's Chamber  Lady's Chamber Watch Tower 
All the year 2015/2016 165 Euros 150 Euros

 140 euros

  130 Euros  130 Euros
 Supp Person        /   25 Euros per child (+6 years only)  

Picnic in the Castle

Prices per picnic per person Picnic
All the year 2012 65€ 2 pers

English tea or breakfast

English Tea   English Breakfast
20 Euros per person Supp 15 Euros per person
Massage Ayurvedique 55€ pp,100€ per couple
Medieval costumes 30€ pp.

Mini breaks in Tennessus Castle

Romantic Castle Breaks Best off British... and french   Family fun weekend Break 
In Lord's chamber In King's Chamber In Lord's chamber In King's Chamber   For 2 days 
 265 Euros 265 Euros   285 Euros  285 Euros  395-465 Euros